The Dad Effect

Kid's cupcake fun
Spud and Missy Moo enjoying some hard earned cupcakes at the park

Hello and welcome to “The Dad Effect,” what I hope will prove to be a fun space that tracks the adventures of my family and I. In particular the often amusing misadventures that occur along the way, usually as a result of my attempts to substitute for Mum around the house.

As we move around a lot (three states in four years), the idea for this page grew out of a fun idea my wife and I had to chronicle the humorous side of parenthood into a book for our friends and family. Well rather than a book (so 20th century) I figured a blog would be more dynamic and better suited to the task. Hence the Dad Effect was conceived. And speaking of conception our crew is expecting a new team member in the next couple of weeks, which should hopefully provide plenty of opportunity for new material.

In addition to documenting our own adventures which I hope may prove entertaining, I also hope that I can occasionally write on more serious topics, such as the time that I was almost killed in a motorcycle accident during my wife’s current pregnancy, or the issues we had breastfeeding my daughter that resulted in her only being slightly above her birth weight at four months old.

For more information on the composition of our little team, head on over to the about page. Should you wish to get in contact with me (either with feedback or collaboration ideas), check out the contact page or leave a comment at the end of the relevant post. Lastly, if you like what you read please hit the follow button so that you can receive automatic notifications of new content.




4 thoughts on “The Dad Effect”

    1. Hi, thanks for the nomination. I’ve already been nominated for that one though so maybe its best to give it to someone else. Thanks for thinking my writing worthy enough for it though 🙂


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