One Month In, A Time For Thanks

The team
The Team. Don’t worry, this is an inclusive pic. Baby J is in it, he’s still in his mummy’s tummy and is yet to spawn when this was taken.

So a month ago I was sitting around on leave (bored) while living at my in-laws temporarily while waiting for our furniture to arrive in our new house and I decided that I needed to find something to do. After a few days of this I was hit with an idea, a crazy, genius, scary idea. I would start my own Dad Blog. I knew nothing about parent blogging at the time other than that Mum Bloggers seem to dominate the field but stuff it I wanted to tell our story so I’d give it a go. That was exactly a month ago today, which makes this a good time to pause and appreciate what has been accomplished over that time.

When I started I had no idea what to expect but I decided that to help it along I’d need a holistic approach so I set up the Dad_Effect¬†twitter handle and the Dad_Effect Instagram profile. At the time of writing they each have approximately 450 and 90 followers each. The blog itself has come along nicely and now has over 700 views and 12 posts (including this one). I know that these stats are small fry and that they are largely irrelevant to me because I’m doing this for the¬†cathartic release and soothing enjoyment that I get from writing, however the response is greater than I thought would be the case and that is nice.

So one month in what have I learnt? While I have learnt heaps about the technical aspects of managing and promoting a blog, such as: what a Linky is, what it is used for, how it works and why I should use them; or, which hashtags works better than others; or, what Stumble Upon is, how it works and why I would want to use it; and, also plenty about what not to do (looking at you link droppers and follow/unfollow gamers).

However one fact underpins all of these lessons, they were all made possible because¬†people (usually on Twitter) took the time to explain it to me or to demonstrate how it works. This is the single greatest lesson that I’ve gained in this first month, the online blogging community is far more supportive, affirming and welcoming than I ever expected it to be. For that reason I feel it only right to acknowledge some of those who have helped or welcomed me over the past few weeks. It has made all the difference for me because while I love writing, I get very stage shy about ever showing it to anyone.

The following people have been of great assistance and you have my sincere thanks:

  • @HeatherKeet¬†over at Shank You Very Much¬†helped me to understanding what a Linky is and why I might use one. She also explained how to use Stumble Upon to help Stumble other people’s posts that you like. These two tips have been responsible for¬†helping me drive traffic to¬†my little corner of the interwebs
  • @musingstiredmum¬†from Musing of a Tired Mummy¬†helped me to understanding the Linky rules and how to comment effectively.
  • @onemessymama¬†from One Messy Mama¬†together with @HeatherKeet and @musingstiredmum co-host the #GlobalBlogging Linky which was the first one I found and understood and provided much of my initial traffic.
  • @BlogofDad¬†from Blog of Dad¬†has been good for some Australian centric banter in an otherwise foreign blogging space. This culminated in an epic 2 day thread with fellow Australian, honorary Australian and wannabe Australian #DadBloggers (looking at you @DaddyPoppinsBlg and @dadblogger_uk¬†and @tassiedad).
  • There were many more who extended assistance or simple engagement, too many to list so I apologise that I couldn’t get everyone but your support has been appreciated.

Moving forward for the next month I don’t really have any hard and fast goals as I’m kind of making this up as I go and as I feel like it. Having said that I’d like to do better than I did over the first month. After all, I did buy a notepad to start noting down post ideas and what days the good Linkys are on so things are kind of getting not quite serious.

Did someone give you a helping handy when you were getting set up with your blog? Please leave a comment below, I’d love to hear about it and see how our experiences compare. Also you can find me over on twitter here or on Instagram here. Lastly if you found this post (or any of the linked posts) enjoyable or informative and would like to subscribe to get updates when new content is posted, you can do so using the follow button.


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