An Addendum to My Top 3 Most Traumatic Toilet Training Moments

Corowa Whiskey and Chocolate set in an old flour mill.

A couple of weeks ago I published a post called “My Top 3 Most Traumatic Toilet Training Moments,” which described exactly what the name implies. It was a brief anthology of the most traumatising toileting misadventures that I have experienced with my children while they are reaching for the big toilet training milestone. Then last week, I published a post called “Going the Distance: Part 1,” in which I described my family’s current living arrangements and touched briefly on some of the measures we are taking to invest our relationships to overcome the tyranny of distance. At the end of that post, however, I added a footnote stating that a situation had arisen that deserved to be included as an addendum to the toilet training post. What follows here is that addendum. Continue reading An Addendum to My Top 3 Most Traumatic Toilet Training Moments

The Versatile Blogger Award and 7 Things to Know About Me


Insert hand wringing acceptance speech here.


Today being Monday, I had a plan to put together my next blog post and while that is still technically true it certainly isn’t the post that I had in mind. Thanks to The Dad Column, I find myself nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award. Even though I’m pretty sure I don’t get a trophy for this (although I can get a badge of a trophy) Continue reading The Versatile Blogger Award and 7 Things to Know About Me

One Month In, A Time For Thanks

The team
The Team. Don’t worry, this is an inclusive pic. Baby J is in it, he’s still in his mummy’s tummy and is yet to spawn when this was taken.

So a month ago I was sitting around on leave (bored) while living at my in-laws temporarily while waiting for our furniture to arrive in our new house and I decided that I needed to find something to do. After a few days of this I was hit with an idea, a crazy, genius, scary idea. I would start my own Dad Blog. I knew nothing about parent blogging at the time other than that Mum Bloggers seem to dominate the field but stuff it I wanted to tell our story so I’d give it a go. That was exactly a month ago today, which makes this a good time to pause and appreciate what has been accomplished over that time. Continue reading One Month In, A Time For Thanks

10 Things That Give Me The Pip!!!

leog land 3
Chain posts are lame, hopefully this Lego Dragon can redeem it a bit.

Firstly, let me state that I normally as a matter of principal do not subscribe to these silly niffy naffy waste-of-timey chain post type things. But this one is different. It is different because I only just started my blog and I’d rather not alienate the entire world of the interwebs while I am only just starting out or anger the internet gods that may or may not one day turn sentient and enslave us all.

Secondly, what’s in a name? This post should have been titled “10 Things That Piss Me Off,” but my grandmother reads this blog and she wouldn’t stand for that language and would instead opt for the politely jading “10 Things That Give Me The Pip.” So there you go. Now without further ado let’s begrudgingly get into this list: Continue reading 10 Things That Give Me The Pip!!!

My Top 3 Most Traumatic Toilet Training Moments

lego land 1
Spud and Missy Moo at Lego Land chilling with a storm trooper after smoking bad guys on the Nexo Knight Ride

Toilet training. Anyone with kids gets to live this dream at some point. It is a magical time full of fresh triumphs for our little ones as they master the daunting task of going potty. Along the way there are usually plenty of tears, fears and cheers where the tears and fears usually involve some combination of pungent bum chocolate (poo) and whizz. If our little ones are the stars of this show, the collateral damage is definitely Mum and Dad’s olfactory senses, sense of cleanliness and potentially beloved pieces of household furniture. Or perhaps the walls themselves take a beating if your little one is a budding artist intent on producing finger painted masterpieces for your viewing pleasure. What follows is my top three most traumatic toilet training memories, presented in ascending order. Continue reading My Top 3 Most Traumatic Toilet Training Moments

How To Talk To Kids About God: An Atheist’s Perspective

Pretty sure the only religion Spud was interested here is learning the ancient art of how to be a Jedi mind warrior.

My Dad always told me that when it comes to dinner party conversations “don’t talk about religion or politics.” Unfortunately in parenting there comes a time when you will need to discuss both, although hopefully not at the same time. Late last year the time came when Spud started asking questions about “God.” Continue reading How To Talk To Kids About God: An Atheist’s Perspective