Lego land
Spud and Missy Moo checking out Lego Land

Here at the Dad Effect I am all about the adventures (or misadventures) that my kids and I get into mostly as a product of my own daft cluelessness, their weirdness, or a combination of the two. Occasionally, we’ll have a normal wholesome family outing but even then there is usually some sort of random occurrence. This blog exists to capture the humour of those moments as well as some of the more heartfelt moments of being a Dad.

My family consists of two (soon to be three) kids, a dog, my wife and I. We have one boy (six) and one girl (two) and the dog is a Labrador X Kelpie. It is important to include the dog because the kids adore her and chaos often ensues when they play together.

We move around because of my work, we’re up to our fourth house in five years across three cities (Wodonga, Brisbane and Darwin) in three different states (Victoria, Queensland and the Northern Territory). The result is stories that could range from checking out the big “salties,” (crocodiles) at Crocodylus Park in Darwin to picking berries at Beechworth Berries in Northern Victoria or anything in between. Consequently we are also well practised at both moving and travelling with young kids.

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