The Five Year Punt


Five year punt 2
That is one stoked wizard-in-waiting.

So to give a flavour of the sort of thing this page is about we should go back to early October 2017. Following my motorcycle accident my beloved mechanical steed of destiny (Suzuki SV650) was a write off. As we only had one car and the bike we now needed a replacement vehicle. As fate would have it we were able to find the exact vehicle we wanted as an ex-demo car in Brisbane (we lived in Darwin) so we decided to make a little holiday of it by flying over to collect it and then doing a road trip back. While in Brisbane we found a magical place in Samford (for those who know the area) called the Store of Requirement. Basically it is a Harry Potter themed shop selling all manner of merchandise, food, drink, props, etc.

Now since I’ve been reading the Harry Potter books to Spud over the past few years (and as a Harry Potter nerd dating back to 2000)Ā this was very exciting, so we decided to take the kids for a magical morning of spellbinding hijinks. While there we tried on the sorting hat, looked at wizard’s chess sets, magical mugs that change colour with heat and of course we drank butter beer, golden snitch cupcakes and chocolate frogs (see below).

Butter beer
Butter beer, golden snitch cake and chocolate frogs.

At the end of all of this magical funĀ it was timeĀ to look for a souvenir, so we headed to the case of magical wands. These were no ordinary toy wands, no these were high quality reproductions of the individual character’s wands from the movies. Without hesitationĀ Spud set his heart ofĀ the wand of none other than his hero Harry Potter.

After completing our purchase and finishing our butter beer we jumped in the car and headed off. Super stoked and excited to have the wand of Harry Potter Spud proceeded to tell us all of the magic he was going to do with it. Not wanting to diminish his excitement or spirit we decided to run with his insistence that he had in fact bought the REAL Harry Potter’s wand that could REALLY do magic. This was the first leg of the five year punt brought about the Dad Effect.

Because we were on the road we had managed to convince him not to open it immediately, however after three days on the road with nothing to look at but the occasional live stock we relented and let him open it to play with in the car on the strict proviso that he didn’t tell Nanny (as it was technically a Christmas present). This was the second leg of the five year punt as he proceeded to eagerly attempt every spell he knew, only to be confused when it didn’t work.

Needless to say, not wanting to crush his dreams of wizarding excellence I quickly came up with what I thought was a brilliant save but one in which formed the third and final leg of the five year punt and lit the fuse for potential existential disappointment….I told him that the reason it wasn’t working was because he is too young, since in the books children under 11 do not go to wizard school so they can’t use proper spells yet.

This genius save met with immediate satisfaction and enthusiasm and has seen Spud telling anyone who will listen for the past few months all about how he has Harry Potter’s real wand it does real magic but it doesn’t work at the moment because he is too young but it will once he turns 11 and can go to wizard’s school.

I now have five years to hope he either forgets about it, works out the truth of his non-magical existence or if need be to construct a fake castle in theĀ bush somewhere to teach him magic at.

Have you ever told your child a lie to spare their feelings only for it to come back to haunt you? If so, leave a comment with your story below, I’d love to hear it. Also if you enjoyed this piece you can find me over on twitter hereĀ or on Instagram here. Lastly if you found this post enjoyable or informative and would like to subscribeĀ to getĀ updates when new content is posted, you can do so using the follow button.

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    1. Thanks I appreciate the feedback. It was an awesome place. Thankfully there’s some vacant land near my in-laws and we move a lot so maybe I can stockpile some moving boxes paint them grey and make a castle out of them.


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