Lego Land and the Fall of a Legend

Soft play
This is not Lego Land, but it is a picture of Missy Moo and Bummy

As with all great tales this one involves adventure, loss, deceit and resurrection. It truly is a great tale. But first, to set the scene. The picture above most definitely is not Lego Land. No it is in fact the local play centre near our previous home in Darwin. To get to Lego Land from where that photo was taken you need to drive about 3500km South literally to the other end of the Australian continent through “the red centre” (Australian outback), which looks like this.

In the red centre this is your view for days.

Now Lego Land Discovery itself is located in Melbourne and is a wonderful, bright, fun and magical place full of adventure and fun and all things awesome. It is there that our story takes place. Now I won’t cover the Lego adventure in great detail as I have mentioned it in a previous post (My Top 3 Most Traumatic Toilet Training Moments) but what is important is the fact that our story takes place in Lego Land which has a dragon (making this a legitimate adventure story), which looks a bit like this.

leog land 3
The Lego Land dragon, guarding his horde.

So what is this story about then and what does the title mean by “the Fall of a Legend?” Well, take another look at the picture of Missy Moo at the top of this post. Her companion in that picture, Bummy, is her favourite thing in the world. Seriously, she loves Bummy more than she loves her mother, father, two brothers and dog put together. She loves Bummy more than anyone has ever loved anything. Bummy goes everywhere, in the pram, in the car, in the car seat, in bed, on the change table. Everywhere. When it was hot in Darwin she would often put him under the drink tap at her brother’s school so that Bummy could have some water. She even holds Bummy up to the car window so that he can see what is happening outside and she tells him what is happening.

On a side note, I feel I need to take a moment to address the name, Bummy. We have no idea why she calls him Bummy, she just does. What we do know though is that Bummy is part of the Ty Beanie Boo range and is probably known to all normal people by his usual name, “Waddles the Penguin.” To Missy Moo though, he is, was, and forever shall be Bummy. Our best guess (which we only discovered about three days ago) is that since his back has a different sort of filling that feels like bean bag beans, she calls him Bummy because his bum (read back) feels funny. Who knows. Anywho, back to the story.

So there we were, having a blast in Lego Land and savouring every second along with us was Bummy. The ever watchful companion who always has your back. Eventually it was time to leave, which coincidentally was pretty soon after the infamous toilet training incident mentioned in my traumatic toilet training post. On the way out, like all good attractions, you have to pass through the gift shop (which in Lego Land looks a bit like this).

They also had every city scape and movie themed Lego set you can imagine including the Big Ben and Apollo 11.

Distracted by the colourful allure of this Lego wall I wandered off to go check it out with Spud, leaving Missy Moo and Bummy with Wifey. They in turn found something awesome which Missy Moo was keen to show us (we were only about 5m away). So Wifey told her to go see us which she dutifully set out to do. Along the way, those 5 short meters, a sudden crowd of pushy rude people rushed over to look at something. This made Missy Moo get lost and she wandered off in the wrong direction.

Since I didn’t know she was coming and Wifey thought she was there it took us a second to realise what had happened. Instantly the panic started to build as we realised she had wandered off. To her credit she was still trying to find me and came straight over when she saw me but this was a heart in the mouth type moment. During all the commotion Bummy had been left on top of the pram, which had been left next to the register.

Reunited with Missy Moo and super annoyed at how rude and pushy the crowd was (see 10 Things That Give Me The Pip!!! to better understand my disdain for crowds) we quickly paid for our things and left. About 15 minutes later while walking down the far end of the shopping centre (Chadstone is really really big) we realised we couldn’t find Bummy. We looked everywhere, even retracing our steps. He was gone.

……….A moment’s silence please for our fallen comrade………..

Poor Bummy, the ever present, ever vigilant companion to Missy Moo had fallen in the line of duty. We can only assume that some other mini person adopted him (to put it kindly). Luckily Missy Moo hadn’t yet realised that he was missing. We rapidly went in search of a replacement but couldn’t find one, we got her some other trinket to distract her for the 3 hours home (it worked).

Once we got home, we felt super bad and sad that Bummy the legend, the penguin, the noble watch bird, was gone. So naturally we decided to do what the Norwegian military does every time their legendary bird dies, we ordered a replacement.* When it arrived in the post about a week later we told her that some kind people found him, washed him (to explain his now bright white cleanliness) and mailed him home. She was ecstatic to say the least and now the noble Sir Bummy II has taken up the mantle of the ever present companion.

Farewell Sir Bummy I, long may you be remembered.

Have you ever had to replace one of your children’s cherished possessions without their knowledge? If so, leave a comment with your story below, I’d love to hear it. Also if you enjoyed this piece you can find me over on twitter here or on Instagram here. Lastly if you found this post enjoyable or informative and would like to subscribe to get updates when new content is posted, you can do so using the follow button.

*This isn’t a joke, the Norwegian Military (the King’s Guard to be exact) has a penguin as their Colonel-in-Chief called “Sir Brigadier Nils Olav III.” He is a King Penguin and first enlisted in the King’s Guard in 1972, as Nils Olav I. Since then the honour has been passed through 3 generations of King Penguins. You can read about it here.

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18 thoughts on “Lego Land and the Fall of a Legend”

  1. At the age of 1, one twin latched on to their puppy dog cuddle and called it Baa. We quickly learned that spares were needed, and that led to a frantic internet search, as they were no longer carried at the store. His twin brother later did the same with “Owl”… Though we can still get them at the store.

    We rotate them frequently for cleaning so that there isn’t a huge difference between the spares.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. We’ve been fairly lucky with toys etc and never lost one of the truly loved ones.

    But one of the Tubblet’s favourite games was hiding from her parents whilst we were shopping. Nothing makes you feel like a parenting failure like charging after a security guard yelling “That’s my child … Come back”

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Yep, my first son attache himself to ‘poohy. Three times we lost him and three replacements later, he was discontinued! Noooooo! He survived though! They are building a Lego Discovery centre near me and I can’t wait! #blogcrush

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Oh no! I wonder where Bummy the 1st has got to. Mine was never super attached to 1 particular toy so we haven’t have any missing toy incidents like this. Crowds (*inconsiderate twits) drive me crazy too. I’m sure they know what they are doing, which makes it even worse. So glad to see Bummy the 2nd has been welcomed warmly 🙂 Thanks for joining us for the #DreamTeam

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hopefully. Missy Moo also scored an extra Kitty Kat out of it too. She has a small cat (also from the beanie boo line) and when we couldn’t find Bummy in the story on the day we found a cat identical to hers so we got it to distract her. She only realised about a week ago that she has two now. Mind blown.


  5. this made me so sad, my kids are so attached to their special teddy. We brought two identical ones when they were little so if we lost one we had one to replace, plus we could wash one if it needed it. Then they discovered they had two and now they take two with them everywhere. My son however fell in love with a cushion rather than his two teddies, the cushion now looks like a piece of cloth from 200 years ago. Thanks for joining in with #ablogginggoodtime

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Oh what a sad story! I had a teddy (okay let’s be honest – I still have him in the attic upstairs!) that was my absolute favourite and came with me everywhere! My kids have never settled on one particular soft toy, though – they are too fickle! Haha. #blogcrush

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think that might be a bit of a blessing. The other day Missy Moo decided that Bummy needed to have a sleep so she strapped him into her baby brother’s rocker, put a blanket over him and wouldn’t let us put her brother in the rocker because Bummy was sleeping.


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